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Which Monopoly token will get your 'Get Out of Jail Free' card?

Something is about to disappear forever…

THE CREATORS OF Monopoly have taken their own tokens hostage.

And sent them all directly to jail (without passing ‘Go’ or collecting $200). Most of them will be released but one will will be “locked up forever and replaced with a new piece”.

The moves come as Hasbro updates its board game. It has started an online vote to see which token to get rid of – and what to replace it with.

Eventually, we could see the dog replaced with a cat, or the wheelbarrow upgraded to a robot.

With 31 per cent of the vote so far, the Scottie Dog looks safe, as does the car, which has received 14 per cent. In danger are the unsexy iron and the manual-labour-promoting wheelbarrow.

What do you think? Which token would you like to see rot in jail forever?

Poll Results:

Wheelbarrow (483)
Thimble (347)
Boot (330)
Iron (326)
Hat (106)
Battleship (99)
Scottie Dog (87)
Car (11)

And let us know in the comments section which token would you like to play with instead?

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