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Which Oscars Loser Are You?

Which celebrity eating s**t on camera are you? Find out in this quiz.

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A TIME-HONOURED tradition of the Oscars is that as the winners are announced, all the losers have to don their best Loser Face on live camera feed.

We’ve seen some great loser reactions in our time. So which are you? Take this searing personality quiz to find out.

1. You're in the running for a promotion. But it goes to your co-worker Jim - a shameless licka**e who never gets any real work done. How do you react?
Accept it with good grace.
Accept it with good grace, but feel upset at the injustice.

Accept it with good grace, while inwardly resolving to destroy Jim and everything he stands for.
Put nose hair trimmings in Jim's sandwiches for a week
2. While browsing Facebook, you notice the fella you've been seeing has 'liked' practically all the pics of some young wan with loose morals. What is your next status update?
Inspirational quote about striving against adversity.
"What a day,roll on wine o clock!!!"

"just logged back in 2 SCREAM in frustrashun!!! sum ppl really pick they're moments #betrayed"
Account deleted, plotting revenge.
3. You're at the bar. The lad next to you in the Leinster jersey with the collar popped gets served first, even though you've been waiting ages. What do you do?
Say politely "Um, I think I was here first".

Start a fight, citing his sporting allegiance and his fashion choices as additional justification.
Follow him to the toilets to reassure yourself that he has a small penis.
4. You receive a surprise Oscar nomination for Best Performance In Normal Everyday Life. However, in a shock upset the award goes to Meryl Streep. Which face do you use?
5. On a busy street, you somehow trip spectacularly and fall on your arse. How do you deal?
Play it cool as if you meant to do it.
Make a big show of smiling and brushing yourself off, while inwardly screaming in agony.

Get up with a rueful yet knowing laugh, as if this small incident merely confirms your ongoing disappointment with things in general.
Just lie there crying.
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You're Bill Murray, losing for his part in Lost In Translation!
You're just about maintaining your dignity, but making NO effort to pretend you're happy about it. Fake smiles are for lesser mortals. You are a bad loser.
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You're Samuel L Jackson, losing for Pulp Fiction!
You are openly furious. Millions of people can see you mouthing bad words into the camera. Your death stare is in full effect. You are a bad loser.
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You're Leonardo Di Caprio, losing for... everything!
You are the ultimate Oscar loser. You've lost so often, it's become a running joke. You are a hero of losing. Sorry.
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You're Cate Blanchett, losing for Elizabeth in 2007!
You are trying SO HARD to fake being happy for the winner, but you come across as a giant fake. Still, you tried. You're a half-decent loser.
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You're Helen Mirren, losing in 2009!
You don't even care that you lost, because you're too busy being a full-time badass to let this shit get to you. Plus your awards cupboard is already full. You are an icon for us all.
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