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# Micheál O'Bublé
Why Michael Bublé will feel right at home in Ireland this week
He’s one of us now.

MICHAEL BUBLÉ BEGAN his week-long residency in the O2 last night, posting a video to his Instagram to let us know just how excited he was.

Via Instagram/Michaelbuble

Up to 50,000 fans will flock to the area to catch the singer live. But really, past all the hysteria, he’s just like us.

Here are a few reasons why we think Michael will feel right at home for the duration of the week, he’s got a lot more in common with your average Irish fella than we would originally have thought.

He’s up for the craic

He’s not afraid to get up to a bit of divilment, whether it’s dressing up as Bieber or covering Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’.

Via Tumblr/bublegifs

He’s a Mammy’s boy…


…and mothers and grannies love him.

“Isn’t he a dote?”

However, he’s sure to keep a fence between them at all times, things can get out of hand.

Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Julien Behal/PA Archive/Press Association Images

He’s self-deprecating

Via Tumblr/fckyeahbuble

He’s in with the Irish pop mafia

Via Twitter/@planetjedward

Via Twitter/@NiallOfficial

He likes a tipple or two

Via Tumblr/michaelbublegifs

Via Tumblr/bubleland

He wouldn’t say no to a few sambos either

Via Tumblr/fuckyeahmichaelbuble

Nor a biccie

He’s not a great cook

Via Tumblr/spendingtimewatching

His Mammy probably picks out his socks

and jumpers…

Via Tumblr/fckyeahbuble

He can’t dance, but does anyway

Via Youtube/25Montrealer

He loves hitting balls with a wooden stick

Via Tumblr/sedintwins

He’s got a hint of a ginger beard

DARRYL DYCK/The Canadian Press/Press Association Images

He’s been left waiting outside Brown Thomas on more than one occasion

Julien Behal/PA Archive/Press Association Images

He’s constantly taking the piss out of his mates

Or anyone, for that matter

And of course, he’s got that charm

Matt Sayles/AP/Press Association Images

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