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8 reasons why Sharon Ní Bheoláin absolutely can't leave The Six One

She says “she’s ready for something new” but we say it ain’t so!

AH SHARON, DON’T leave us. First Anne Doyle, now you. We’re getting abandonment issues.

The presenter of the Six One news told the RTÉ Guide that she won’t be there forever. Shocker.

After eight years in the Six One job, does she see herself staying there for life? “It’s been a very enjoyable experience, but I’m ready for something new”, she states, although what that is she doesn’t seem to have figured out yet. “I’m not terribly ambitious, I think that’s probably my problem.”

So er, are you leaving or not?

Here are nine reasons we just CAN’T let her go.

1. We’d miss moments like these from people other than Aengus

“Just remind me will yeh?”

Source: mrsuperhero

2. She’s an out-and-out pro

Watch her destroy this dry throat will the power of words alone.

Source: RDinHD

4. The Carlsberg ad would be too painful for all the gas tickets to quote on holidays

Source: MetalMonkey75

5. Who’d we comment on during the news?




6. …and how could anyone match those eloquent pronunciations?


7. Her unique sense of style brightens up the day’s current affairs


8. Who else would wear a plaster on their head while reading the news?

Sharon defies your aesthetic norms.

sharonplasterhead Source: Click Online

9. Let’s face it, the chair will be left empty without her


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