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11 reasons staying in on New Year's Eve is nothing to be ashamed of

Avoid overhyped parties by staying at home wondering what you’re missing out on.

SO IT’S THE big night. New Years Eve is one of those celebrations that just requires you to go out and enjoy it.

But we all know how overrated and disappointing it can be. So here’s why you’re nothing but a fool if you’re stepping out, a fool we say!

The telly is RIGHT THERE

You could always watch that New Year’s Eve movie with every actress and actor in the world in it or stick to whatever RTÉ are offering. We’re sure that’s worth watching. Think off all the entertainment you be missing out on in the actual company of people.



New Year’s Day, early morning. The only chance you have of getting a taxi is if the Mayans were just a little off, the whole world comes crashing down around you and a single vacant taxi are the only survivors.

taxinewyearsnone Source: Photocall Ireland!

Pubs and clubs will be packed

Your home is cosy, you can control how many people you want to invite over, considering the bar is your fridge or a bucket in the garden, queues will be kept to a minimum. Even if you do have a party and it gets a bit busy, at least you know the people you’ll be pressing up against.

newyearsevepleaserelease Source: ActiveSteve

Countdown, more like let-down

Chances are, you’ll be in a queue of some sort as the clock strikes 12. The bar, the cloakroom, the loo, the queue to get onto the queue outside. At least you’re pretty much guaranteed not to miss it at home, the celebration at the end might be a little quieter though.


No no, that’s exactly what it is, regardless.

Don’t text, say it in person

Those fools in shady nightclubs and bars won’t have access to super fast wifi and their status updates will be seriously laggy. Sit back and let the likes rooooooll in as you’re the first to get yours up at 12.00.00am.

new-years-alone-final Source: Visualnews

Midnight kiss pressure

The pressure to kiss someone, if you’re single, is immense. Lets face it, your chances aren’t great. You won’t be standing loveless if you’re at home.


You don’t know the lyrics of Auld Lang Syne

Don’t fool yourself. Put those lips to good use, imbibing champagne.

0vlgn Source: Imgur

There are too many options

Withdraw yourself from the equation altogether. Take THAT, friend who’s being awkward and wanting to go to a different place than you do.


You can’t watch fireworks in a basement club

Because clearly, this will be your back garden if you stay at home.


Your expectations will be too high

You don’t need deadlines on leisure, the pressure to get into the club and commence the whole ‘having fun’ thing is just TOO MUCH.

Avoid the rush to get out the door and into suitable party mode before 12am by simply planting yourself on the sofa at 11am and staying still until bedtime.

overhypednewyearsparty Source: Pleated Jeans

Your ‘good’ clothes are uncomfortable

Everyone knows that you had to make a bit of extra effort on NYE. Those sequins and scratchy shirts are all just modern torture devices designed to disturb your night. So much drama for one simple appearance.

82997241 Source: Ebaumsworld

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