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Here's why you should definitely be watching Scream Queens

It’s the goriest, funniest, most talked-about show on TV this autumn.

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IT’S PROPERLY AUTUMN now, which means telly is finally getting good again.

One of the shows about to grace our screens is Scream Queens, an American import that has pretty much everyone talking Stateside. Here’s why you should definitely watch it.

It’s brought to you by the makers of Glee, American Horror Story, and Nip/Tuck

2015 Summer TCA - FX Source: Associated Press

Quite a line-up, eh? Ryan Murphy, one of TV’s most prolific writers, has combined past successes Glee and American Horror Story to produce the comedy-horror of Scream Queens. Like American Horror Story, it’s an anthology series, which means that each season will have a different story and cast.

The first season centres on serial killer the Red Devil, who is targeting the members of a sorority house on the 20th anniversary of a pledge gone wrong.

Source: Scream Queens/YouTube

It’s a bonkers ode to slasher films

The Red Devil returns to Kappa House. Source: Fox

Make no mistake: Scream Queens is COMPLETELY over the top.

The murders are gruesome and gory. The dialogue is super sharp, laugh-out-loud, and peppered with “Did they really just say that?” moments. Few of the characters are completely likeable, but you’ll root for them anyway, even though any of them could be the masked killer. That’s just the way it goes.

scream_queens_ariana_grande_text Source: Spin

The cast is superb

screamqueens Source: Fox

Emma Roberts has proven herself to be more than adept at playing a bitch (as fans of American Horror Story: Coven already know) and as Chanel, the vicious president of Kappa Kappa Tau, she’s wonderfully hateable.

pissyspacek Source: wikia

Elsewhere, the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis plays the sorority-hating college dean, and Billie Lourd (daughter of Carrie Fischer) is a particular standout as one of Chanel’s minions – all called Chanel, because Chanel #1 can’t be bothered to learn their names. Naturally.

And the costumes are amazing

The Chanels are not happy with this decision. Source: Fox

Fans of Ryan Murphy shows know that the look of the programme is often just as important as the plot, and Scream Queens does not disappoint.

The Chanels’ pastel-and-fake fur theme and their palatial, white-marbled sorority house is a feast for the eyes.

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Scream Queens starts on E4 on Monday night at 10pm. Don’t miss it.

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