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Here's why you shouldn't look at those nude photos of Justin Bieber

Thinking of sharing them? Here’s why you should think twice about that.

MTV Video Music Awards-Bieber Source: AP/Press Association Images

LAST NIGHT, PHOTOS of Justin Bieber walking around in the nude hit the internet.

The paparazzi photos show Bieber walking around in the nip while on his holidays in Bora Bora and, yes, you can see everything.

As you can imagine, the photos nearly broke the internet last night with fans and haters alike rejoicing.

But a lot of people also feel pretty uneasy about the whole thing.

Love him or loathe him, Bieber was holidaying in a private resort and did not give his permission to be photographed. Therefore, the images represent an extreme violation of privacy.

After all, even Justin Bieber deserves to be able to walk around in the nip on his holidays, without being photographed by someone lurking in the shadows and having said photos splashed all over the internet.

As Kevin Fallon writes for The Daily Beast:

If vacationing halfway around the world on a bomb-ass overwater bungalow doesn’t give you the sanctity of privacy to do normal things like walk around naked on a bomb-ass overwater bungalow and feel like a motherf**king stud, that’s a travesty.

It’s also worth asking yourself if you would be cool with, say, nude paparazzi shots of Selena Gomez being circulated on the internet.

Probably not. (And with good reason.)

Just because nude photos of a male celebrity are somewhat of a rarity doesn’t make all of this okay. As Lena Dunham wrote during The Fappening…

The way in which you share your body must be a CHOICE.

That applies as much to Justin Bieber as it did to Jennifer Lawrence.

In short, curiosity will get the better of many of us — that’s human nature — but maybe think twice before sharing the photos or tweeting a snide remark about them.

After all, you wouldn’t like if it happened to you, now would you?

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