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At last! Someone has invented a wig for babies!

It’s what no one has been waiting for!

WHEN YOU THINK of babies, the first thing you probably think is:

Ew, gross.  Babies are so disgusting and bald.

Good news!  Someone has invented a baby wig so that you never have to look at their gross bald heads again.

(You know we’re being sarcastic here, right?  Just checking.)


Baby Bangs are made ‘just for little girls’ and are essentially a headband with hair attached to it.

That way a normal baby like this one…


…can become a hairy baby, like this one.


Judging by the product’s website, one of the main aims of Baby Bangs is to ensure your female baby is never accidentally thought to be a boy.


God knows you can’t be having that!

There are a variety of Baby Bangs available, in six shades, for $29.95.

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