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# Wikipedia
Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif orders lifting of country’s ban on Wikipedia
The country’s media regulator had blocked the website last week over fears it hurt the sentiments of Muslims.
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These are the most visited pages on Wikipedia in 2018
Royals, football and films. Some things don’t change.
# in the news
These were the top 50 most visited pages on Wikipedia in 2017
An Irish Wikipedian was among those who compiled a detailed list.
# Interview
Wikipedia's community is 85% male, and founder Jimmy Wales isn't sure how to fix it
The Wikipedia team has tried to bring that ratio down since 2014 – but to no avail.
# trump bump
Wikipedia got a huge bump in donations after Donald Trump's election win sat down with Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, who was in Dublin this week for Internet Day.
# team no sleep
11 super creepy Wikipedia pages that will keep you up tonight
Night night now.
# no filter
All the photos on the Wikipedia page for 'Irish cuisine' are beyond grim
We, as a nation, can do better.
# credible source
Man executed in Texas despite last-ditch claims lawyer defended him using Wikipedia for research
A last minute appeal claimed that TaiChin Preyor’s trial lawyer had insufficient familiarity with Texan law in order to defend him adequately.
# clamp down
Turkey has blocked access to Wikipedia
No reason was given for the order to block the online encyclopedia, but the politically unstable state has temporarily blocked access to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in the past.
# whopper mistake
Burger King advert tricked into telling customers the food contains 'cyanide' and 'rat meat'
The interactive ad voice-activates the google search on a phone but pranksters edited the Whopper’s wikipedia entry.
# infowars
Wikipedia bans Daily Mail links as references
A spokesperson for the Daily Mail said it had “banned all its journalists from using Wikipedia as a sole source in 2014 because of its unreliability”.
# Wikipedia
13 weird and wonderful things on Wikipedia
A neverending treasure trove.
# indifferent penguin
There was a hilarious caption war on this Wikipedia photo of an 'indifferent penguin'
“We cannot reliably verify the mind of the penguin as indifferent.”
# my right foot
13 of the greatest edits in the history of Irish Wikipedia
Gags, real stories… Irish Wiki has it all.
# bum bags
Someone has made a cheeky Irish edit to the Wikipedia page for fanny packs
Irish people call them WHAT?
# personal life
12 celebrities with absolutely preposterous 'personal life' Wikipedia sections
The *best* part of a celebrity’s Wikipedia.
# Wikipedia
11 reasons to be thankful that Wikipedia exists
It’s the website’s fifteenth birthday today.
# from a to z
You might not think it but Wikipedia is 15 years old now
The online encyclopedia first arrived in 2001 and is now one of the visited sites in the world.
# Spot the Difference
Wikipedia's newest editors aren't even human
The new AI system will spot errors to help reduce the workload for its human editors.
# Photography
Check out these stunning images of Ireland's monuments
These 10 images won the Wiki Loves Monuments competition.
# Q-tip
You can create a special ebook based on your favourite Wikipedia articles
Should you have a long journey ahead and need to pass the time.
# Size Matters
Remember Ja Rule? He got into a cringey beef with Wikipedia over his height last night
“I’m 5’9 not 5’6.”
# national monuments
The world's biggest photo competition is returning to Ireland
And it wants your images.
# insanity
9 of the best excerpts from Irish celebrities' Wikipedia pages
A lot of gems in here.
# Gotcha
Wikipedia's longest-lived hoax has finally been outed
You just can’t believe anyone these days.
# He's alive
NFL player denies Wikipedia's claims he's dead
Emmanuel Sanders is alive and getting kicked.
# citation needed
Nadia Forde's brand new Wikipedia page has already been tampered with
She’s a snake charmer, you say?
# i want to believe
13 creepy Wikipedia pages that'll keep you awake tonight
It takes all sorts to make a world. All sorts.
# Vow of privacy
Google has removed links to this criminal's Wikipedia page
Google removed links to the page of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch.
# war has begun
Photographer loses battle with Wikipedia over this amazing monkey selfie
It was “the work of a non-human animal”, apparently…
# JFT96
Insults on Hillsborough Wikipedia page 'traced to British government computers'
Anonymous alterations were made from computers on a secure intranet, the Liverpool Echo reported.
# Chancers
15 heroic acts of Wikipedia vandalism
Distorting reality, one edit at a time.
# Wiki
This Cork village has the best Wikipedia entry in Ireland
Yes, Ballindangan is a pretty special place.
# one popular guy
Jesus Christ named the number one "historical meme"
Justin Bieber is all the way down at number 8,633. Thank GOD.
# Edit
Wikipedia 'edit-a-thon' tries to increase representation of women there
Many high-profile women from the science, tech, engineering and maths fields have little or no profile on the contributor-generated online encyclopaedia.
# Joke
There's something not quite right about this Irish football team Wikipedia entry
Is this an attempt to psych out the Swedes tonight?
# paragraph
Is this the best opening paragraph of an Irishman's* Wikipedia entry, ever?
*Ok, Adrian Carton de Wiart is not exactly Irish, but he’s got our blood in him. And he sounds like quite a guy.
# Bizarropedia
The top 5 creepiest articles on Wikipedia
Penis panic anyone?
# Gaeilge
Céard? 17 words from modern Ireland, in Irish
Have you ever sent a ‘tvuít’ about the ‘tarrtháil’?
# Uh oh
Trouble ahead for Wikipedia over loss of editors - study
Authors of the study believe it is the site’s own rules that is impacting contributor numbers.