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11 reasons to be thankful that Wikipedia exists

It’s the website’s fifteenth birthday today.

AH, WIKIPEDIA. The online encyclopedia turns 15 today and we are so thankful every day that it exists.

1. It basically earned us our college degrees


Copy, paste, reword, cite source in Wiki sources. Degree.

Without Wikipedia, you’d have to go to the library like some ancient fossil. IMAGINE.

2. How else could we read up on everything we ever wanted to know after watching a movie?

UuFX4li Source: Imgur

3. It gave us this


4. And this


5. Wikipedia has settled so many arguments

6. We’d still be dealing with this if it wasn’t for you

PC_Encarta95 Source: doobybrain.com

7. We would know WAY less about all the creepy unsolved murders

What else would you be reading at 3am?

scumbag-wikipedia-meme Source: Weknowmemes

8. We’ve got it when we can’t fall asleep

9. It can diagnose all of our medical issues*

Yep, this pain in my finger definitely means I’m dying.

10. The Personal Life section is better than any gossip website

* It can’t. Go to a medical professional etc.

11. Basically, Wikipedia is life

ajNZO Source: Imgur

You might not think it but Wikipedia is 15 years old now>

Wikipedia’s newest editors aren’t even human>

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