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Remember Ja Rule? He got into a cringey beef with Wikipedia over his height last night

“I’m 5’9 not 5’6.”

jarule Source: murdertilltheend/YouTube

REMEMBER JA RULE? The voice behind Livin’ It Up, Always on Time and Mesmerize?

You might not have thought about him in a few years, but he’s still very much alive and kicking. He’s even starting beefs.

Last night, the rapper fired shots at, er, Wikipedia after he claimed that the site was making him out to be smaller than he really is.

Wikipedia is the most inaccurate s**t ever lol how are they still i business??? Anyway somebody fix my s**t I’m 5’9 not 5’6

You hear that Wikipedia? You’re peddling information that’s inaccurate as hell.

Anyway, people were quick to set the record straight on Wikipedia’s business model.

While others were dubious that he was really 5’9.

To show that he was telling the truth, the rapper whipped out the most compelling evidence of all — his mugshot.

(Unfortunately, this mugshot clearly shows that Ja Rule stands at 5’7, but we’ll leave him off.)

He also had this message for anyone still claiming he was 5’6.

That’s right, Ja. You tell the haters.

As for his Wikipedia entry? It appears to have been scrubbed of any mentions of his height. (Although, it does allude to his “small size” at one point.)



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