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push the button

Would you push the button on these impossible dilemmas?

Addictive new game poses the question.

WOULD YOU PRESS a button that would allow you to read minds? The only catch–you have to hear all your biological families thoughts anywhere you go?

If you still said yes, you’re one of 325 like-minded people.


Website, constantly poses you a dilemma. It’s a bit like ‘would you rather’, only you only have one option can opt in or out based on the ramifications of the choice.

The strangely addictive game can also be downloaded as an app, as well as allowing you to propose questions to ask other people.

Here are a few of the more surprising results.

71% of people would like to be invisible when no one is looking. What’s the point?


Only 33%  would chose to change their entire face for the mere inconvenience of being forever stalked by a bloodthirsty celebrity. Shocking that.


67% of people would go on a date with their dream girl even if it meant facing the deep shame of an open fly.


40% would chose to literally injure people with the spoken word. Animals.


Suprisingly, almost half (47%) would want to be sexually attractive to every one in the world, even if it meant relations and some animals were added to the mix. Ah now.


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