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The 14 stages of realising you're a Winter Olympics superfan

AKA the journey from zero to obsessed.

1. Sitting down in front of the telly, with nothing particular in mind

Imgur Imgur

2. Discovering that the Winter Olympics are on

Shutterstock Shutterstock

3. Realising that this is the only thing you know about the Winter Olympics

Rsvlts Rsvlts

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(That and what you learned from Mighty Ducks.)

4. Being totally baffled by a weird sport you’ve never encountered before

Gifsoup Gifsoup

5. Saying something to the screen like…

Janie Osborne / AP/Press Association Images Janie Osborne / AP/Press Association Images / AP/Press Association Images

6. Becoming oddly addicted, and totally losing track of time

Imgur Imgur

Tumblr Tumblr

7. Four hours later, discovering that you’re sitting on the edge of the sofa, and getting REALLY engaged

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8. Because you now know everything there is to know about winter sport, and have passionate opinions about all of it

Felice Calabro' / AP/Press Association Images Felice Calabro' / AP/Press Association Images / AP/Press Association Images

9. Along with deep loyalties to particular teams, who you would go to the grave for if called upon

AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

10. Getting emotional over the against-the-odds triumph of an underdog

Whicdn Whicdn

11. Becoming conscious that figure skating is your favourite thing in the world ever, and probably also your one true vocation in life

Onsugar Onsugar

Onsugar Onsugar

12. Recognising that skeleton athletes are our culture’s only true daredevil heroes and should be celebrated like kings

13. Vowing to take up at least one Olympic sport after the games are over

Jae C. Hong / AP/Press Association Images Jae C. Hong / AP/Press Association Images / AP/Press Association Images

“Sure isn’t there a dry ski slope in Wicklow?”

14. Realising that it’s 5am, you’re up watching the curling, and you have to go to work in three hours.

Imgur Imgur

But hey, it’s worth it.

These screaming curlers are the new stars of the Winter Olympics>

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