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# flip the lights
Woman uses Christmas lights to give her neighbours the middle finger
There’s no neighbourly love lost here.

THERE’S CHRISTMAS CHEER and then there’s this.

Sarah Childs isn’t fond of her neighbour Kayla Weldon, in fact they have an intense feud. Instead of silently sorting things out, Childs has erected a huge light display to flip her, and everyone else in the neighbourhood, off.

But to add insult to injury, this is the second time the neighbours been forced to open their blinds to a giant neon hand telling them exactly where to go.

Louisiana resident Childs first put the display up last year, but was soon forced to remove the lights by local police. She enlisted the help of the American Civil Liberties Union to sue the city, with a federal judge granting her a temporary restraining order against the city due to her rights under the first amendment.

This year, the lights are back with a vengeance. Speaking to Louisiana Radio Network, Childs said it’s better than a physical confrontation with her neighbour.

You know lots of people just resort to violence. Look at road rage, people flip each other off all the time. I really don’t see what the big deal is.

The argument arose when Childs was unhappy with things Weldon put on Facebook about her after Childs accused her of stealing her dog. Weldon clearly isn’t happy, considering the house lies empty.

And she’s putting another finger on the roof? Are you serious? She’s only coming over here to antagonise me and bring up old sh*t. She just wants attention. That’s all this is about.

When a middle finger was recently cut down by a frustrated neighbour, Childs accused Weldon.

They went on my roof, cut them all up, cut everything up. They did the firing shot. It’s on.

Weldon said “I didn’t climb my ass on no roof and cut her lights down,” and that there are plenty of others who would have done the same thing.

One of the locals, Todd Traylor, told the Advocate that the display irritates a lot of surrounding neighbours, not just the intended recipent.

She doesn’t live there. I don’t even know why she’s back.


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