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Forget Ian Madigan -- Irish women are now asking Sean O'Brien out on Twitter
Twitter = the new Tinder.

A FEW DAYS ago, we told you about Ireland’s collective crush on Ian Madigan.

On Tuesday, an Irish girl named Amy decided to chance her arm and ask the rugby player out on a date.

Unfortunately, Madigan had to decline as he has a girlfriend, but he did offer up a teammate in his place…

Yes, he offered up Sean O’Brien.

Selfie with Cedar! Loves a walk seanobrien678 seanobrien678

Later that evening, another young woman approached rugby player Rob Kearney to ask him for a date.

We can’t embed his response as he has since deleted the tweet, but here’s what he said…

thank you for the offer but I can’t however@SeanOBrien1987 might be interested!!

And with that, Sean O’Brien became the most eligible bachelor in Ireland.

He has since been absolutely inundated with date requests and promises of road frontage.

For his part, Sean has not replied to any of the tweets, although he didfavourite an offer from Kia Ireland to pimp his ride.

Keep the faith, gals.

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