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12 things women who hardly ever wear makeup will understand

You are blessed.

SO YOU PREFER the au natural look. You’ll identify with this.

1. You have your morning routine down to an art

No makeup to apply? An extra fifteen minutes in the bed, YES.


2. You can get away with washing your pillows way less

Accidentally fall asleep? No mascara stains!

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3. You can wipe your face without worrying about smudges

But the shine, the shine is very real.

4. It all seems like a bit too much hassle though

5. In fact, you begin to suspect that your lack of makeup is all down to laziness

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6. Stuffing your face is never a problem, thanks to the lack of lipstick to be worrying about

the-water-club-by-borgata Tripadvisor Tripadvisor

7. You often wonder what the difference between one cream is with another cream

Should you go for a BB or a CC cream? Who the frick knows?

best-bb-creams Tinytouchups Tinytouchups

8. Makeup counters are never not terrifying

I don’t KNOW what I want. Why do these 20 eyeshadows look the same?

makeup-counter Beautyblitz Beautyblitz

9. The idea of working at one is equally as scary

Imagine having to get up every morning and apply that much makeup? ARGH.

10. You don’t get the fascination over new items

A new Naked palette? What do you even do with that?


11. When you do actually wear makeup, people can’t believe it

Works better than the other way around, eh?

takesoffglasses_zps2522efae Photobucket Photobucket

12. But you also have absolutely no idea what you’re doing

Ah, nobody does really.


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