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8 words that people really, really, really need to stop using


THIS MORNING, SPIN 1038′s Fully Charged asked listeners to submit their most-hated words under the #WordsIHate hashtag.

And let’s just say the people of Ireland hate a lot of words.

In the spirit of the hashtag, we at DailyEdge.ie have come up with a lot more words that need to die.

Nom noms

nom Source: Flickr

Utterly reprehensible.

The phrase “nom noms” should only be used if you’re an actual toddler. Otherwise, the word “food” will suffice, thanks.


moist Source: Flickr

Why are you using this word? Do you want to make every woman in the room feel deeply uncomfortable/slightly queasy? Is that it?

You’re aware there are other words, right?

moist Source: Thesaurus


litch Source: Flickr

We can forgive the overuse of the word “literally”.

But “litch” needs to litch get in the sea. 



Do you operate an art gallery? Carry on using the word “curate” all you like.

But for the love of God, can everyone else please stop talking about about “curating” a sandwich menu or “curating” an experience before the word completely loses its meaning and devolves into complete and utter nonsense?



Specifically “cheeky” as an adjective to describe any of the following…

  • Pint
  • Glass of wine
  • Cocktail
  • Nando’s
  • A delicious treat of any sort


knicks Source: Flickr

Saying the word “panties” should carry a four-year sentence in prison, tbh.


snog Source: Flickr

What are you? An issue of Mizz from 2003?

Away with you.



We don’t think we need to explain our irrational hatred for this one.


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