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14 words that confuse the hell out of people outside Ireland

A shoulder of what…?

IF YOU GO abroad and use these phrases, prepare for some funny looks.

1. Yer man

What you say: Dya know yer man?

What they hear: Do you know that man that belongs to you?

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2. The yoke

What you say: That’s a great auld yoke.

What they hear: What a nice old wooden crosspiece my cow uses to pull a cart.

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3. Shift

What you say: Did you get the shift?

What they hear: Has your place of employment given you more work?

TimeClock ST

4. Lash

What you say: We going on the lash?

What they hear: We going to whip each other?

41Z8T7rbO0L._SX450_ Source: amazon

5. Massive

What you say: You’re looking massive.

What they hear: You look huge.

pofd-tall-guy Source: Plentyfishofdating

6. Runners

What you say: That’s a lovely pair of runners.

What they hear: I find those two people running down the street to be attractive.

running-shoes Source: Conservationmagazine

7. Hotpress

What you say: Will you put them in the hotpress.

What they hear: Press them together in an attempt to heat them up?

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8. Gas

What you say: Sure that’s only gas.

What they hear: Oh, that gas leak? Don’t worry about it.

Natural-gas Source: Egeneration

9. A fry

What you say: We’re having a fry this morning.

What they hear: We are sharing a single chip for breakfast.

Irish Fry #foodporn #homecooking #farm Source: virtualcmo

10. I will, yeah

What you say: I will, yeah.

What they hear: Yes, you can be assured I will do this asap.

tumblr_lesewbCi2J1qaqaiy Source: Tumblr

11. Jacks

What you say: I’m going to the jacks.

What they hear: I’m going to multiple men named Jack’s house.

new toilet Source: Dcwater

12. Minerals

What you say: Don’t forget your minerals.

What they hear: Don’t forget to take your mineral supplement.

Difference-Between-a-Rock-and-Mineral-Mineral Source: Stepbystep

13. Jumper

What you say: He got a savage new jumper.

What they hear: He got a jumping, vicious, person.

sheepsweater Source: Irelandlogue

14. Shoulder

What you say: Two shoulders of vodka please.

What they hear: Put vodka between my arms and neck, please.

glensshoulder Source: Publin

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