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10 words that have a totally different meaning in Donegal

For your education, Star Wars.

Malin Head, Donegal Source: Grace5mith

RUMOURS THIS MORNING have identified Malin Head in Donegal as a potential filming location for the next Star Wars movie.

Well, Mark Hamill and the rest of the crew better brush up on their Donegal slang – because some words won’t make all that much sense to them otherwise. Like:

1. Hi

0be3e0cf4f0d75617ca3dc9a9529d3f8 Source: Pinterest

What they’ll think it means: A casual greeting.

What it actually means in Donegal: A word added to the end of a sentence for emphasis.

As in: “Luke Skywalker is some man, hi”

2. Handlin’

All Things Cats - Handle With Care Source: France1978

What they’ll think it means: Handling equipment, or at a push, some sort of annoying fee added to a purchase to annoy you.

What it actually means: An absolute nightmare of an experience.

As in: “That was some handlin’ of a spacefight yesterday, wasn’t it?”

3. Rare

odonnell Source: BBC

What they’ll think it means: Something that is uncooked, usually referring to steak.

What it actually means: A bit strange.

“Jar Jar was a rare character hi.”

4. Wile

Profile Pictures - Football Special | Facebook Source: Facebook

What they’ll think it means: A cunning strategy to manipulate someone.

What it actually means in Donegal: Strong/really/a lot of something.

Example: “It’s wile difficult to imagine Rey drinking a Football Special.”

5. Brave

donegal-home-jersey-1_2_1 Source: Oneills

What they’ll think it means: Courageous.

What it actually means: Many/far.

“You have a brave way to go yet, Leia.”

6. Foundered

anigif_enhanced-13496-1436852519-5 Source: Buzzfeed

What they’ll think it means: A mispronunciation of “founded”.

What it actually means: Freezin’.

“I’m absolutely foundered on this snowy mountain, lads.”

7. Lock

Gold Lock Source: Mark Fischer

What they’ll think it means: A mechanism for keeping things like doors secure.

What it actually means: A quantity of something.

As in: “pass me a lock of that dinner, Yoda.”

8. Wains

wains2 Source: wikihow

What they’ll think it means: A completely inappropriate and random half reference to Wayne’s World.

What it actually means: Children.

As in: “Luke, you’re one of my wains.”

9. Header

tumblr_nmg0nrtzQj1tq4of6o1_500 Source: Tumblr

What they’ll think it means: An action in soccerball.

What it actually means: Someone who’s serious craic.

“Kylo Ren is a header on a night out.”

10. Purdie

giphy Source: Giphy

What they’ll think it means: A person from the Deep South of the USA saying “pretty”.

What it actually means: Potatoes.

You’re welcome, Star Wars.

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