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7 things to do before the world ends on Friday

What do you mean you haven’t hugged Michael D Higgins yet?

SO, THE WORLD is ending on Friday, according to the Mayans.

Also, PSY’s Gangnam Style is supposed to hit a billion views on YouTube by Friday.

We’re not sure which is worse.

Here are seven things to get done before then, just in case…

1. Turn off the immersion

If the world doesn’t end, and you’ve left the immersion on, that would be AWFUL.


2. Ditto, the iron


3. Make sure you’re wearing clean underwear

There’s a very slim chance that you might be one of the few men/women to survive the end of the world, so you’re going to want to impress the other men/women who survive.

Also, you might get hit by a bus between now and Friday, so either way, it’s best to err on the side of caution.


4. Ride the world’s fastet rollercoaster


Although, if you can’t make it to Abu Dhabi, you might have to make do with Tayto Park:


5. Hug Michael D Higgins

6. Tell that person you love them


7. Have sex with that person


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