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World’s Shortest Man title goes to Colombia

Edward Ninõ Hernandez named world’s shortest living man- standing just 27 inches tall.

EDWARD NINÓ HERNANDEZ  stands just 27 inches tall and has just claimed the title of the World’s shortest man, recognised by the Guinness book of world records last week.

But his reign isn’t likely to last long- Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal is expected to take over after he turns 18 on 14 October. He measures about 56 cm and is currently recognised by Guinness as the shortest living teenager.

Ninõ’s mother, Noemi Hernandez, says of her eldest child “he hasn’t grown since he was two years old.” At 24 years old, Ninõ is the eldest of five children, only one of whom shares Ninõ’s facial features and stunted height.

Doctors at the National University in Bogota studied Ninõ until he was two and then lost interest, said his mother. “I feel happy because I’m unique,” Ninõ said in an interview.

Ninõ suffers from cataracts which make it difficult for him to see and require urgent surgery that his mother says the family cannot afford. “It bothers me that people are [always] touching me and picking me up” says Ninõ, who is about to launch an acting career- playing a drug dealer in a Colombian film.