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9 'treats' we should all agree to NEVER give out on Halloween

This is a Public Service Announcement.

GOING TRICK OR treating as a kid was a joy. Unless you were given this shite.

1. Monkey nuts

Absolutely unforgivable. Please close your door and never open it again.

monkey_nutsdsc_0876 Source: Justingredients

2. Jelly beans

Not okay, because most of the time they were loose and our mams would take them off us. Heartbreaking.

1fb324b75d015c4c Source: Nuts

3. Parma Violets

Do you know what I feel like right now? A teeny tiny packet of sweets that taste and feel like chewing washing tablets.

โ€“ no kid, ever.

1 Source: Rockpopcandy

4. Miscellaneous loose hard boiled sweets

Sorry, did my NAN drop by and fill up your Halloween basket?

$_35 Source: Ebay

5. Fruit

NO. This is 2015.

Easy #Halloween appetizer great for any party this weekend! #happyhalloween Source: 450kdc

6. Toffee apples

This is just fruit is disguise.

Toffee apple recipe now on the blog! Link in bio Source: hannah_p_93

7. Popcorn

If we wanted popcorn, weโ€™d want a whole bag, not a few wrapped in cling film.

8. Little boxes of raisins

Thank you, helpful neighbor, but now is not the time to be healthy.

raisinboxb Source: Snack-girl

9. In fact, fun sized anything

Why are they fun if theyโ€™re SO SMALL?

1375935_629638687100581_82896619_n Source: BlogSpot

Cโ€™mon people. Be THAT house

fVhvtsP Source: Imgur

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