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9 of the absolute worst St Patrick's Day club nights
Oh PLEASE let us enter the Lucky Charms eating contest.

AH, PADDY’S DAY. We know we have a bit of a reputation abroad, but these club-nights from faraway lands are taking the mick.

We’re not all Bailey’s guzzling Lucky Charms eating hooligans… we think.

1. Green champagne showers, Lucky Charms eating contest, green beer pong? SIGN US UP

big1553128ffbe9ecf Sharkeez Sharkeez

2. No comment

426235_10150659047449555_37951729_n Tim Bagley Tim Bagley

3. Jeans permitted! We’re in

getImage Fiddlerselbowcc Fiddlerselbowcc

4. They’ve got the menu spot on, spot on

1920155_719369348094779_24366504_n 375th Force Support Squadron 375th Force Support Squadron

5. What exactly goes into green beer?

1975145_10201495297805237_1114909111_n Uptown Tav Uptown Tav

6. The lucky leprechaun needs to get on to a human rights organisation

1979583_609947295747931_1461828889_n Litto Torres Litto Torres

7. The average Irish brekkie, when you’re not shovelling down Lucky Charms of course

cocktails-smyths-bar-patricks-day Iconniteclub Iconniteclub


1098041_793779343983841_200048827_n Presidents Rock Club Presidents Rock Club

9. No further comment

1888511_715280618503710_469796236_n Couture Stafford Couture Stafford