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16 of the worst things about shopping as a girl

God give us strength.

1. Not knowing what size you are anywhere because you seem to be a different size in every shop

Why can’t you just be consistent, guys?

giphy (11) Source: reactiongifs/Tumblr

2. The inconsistent lighting in the changing rooms

Sometimes you can look like da bomb.

And other times, it’s much too harsh/unforgiving.

Why can’t you just take your lighting cues from the Snapchat beauty filter, eh?

3. When you try on a top… only to discover that there’s a fake tan stain on it

From the girl who tried it on ahead of you. Heartbreak.

Azm5emDCUAEvkiR Source: Laura Fielder/Twitter

4. Finding a ‘faulty’ item that has been reduced… only to discover that it’s actually in tatters

There’s “faulty” and then there’s “it’s actually a rag with a hole and broken zip”.

Who do you think you’re fooling, lads?

giphy (13) Source: Giphy

5. Buying something at full price and then walking past a store a few days later to discover that it’s on sale

giphy (10) Source: Giphy

6. Spotting a nice dress… and then discovering it’s a bloody playsuit


image1xxl Source: ASOS

7. Stepping into a shop where there’s ne’er a full-length top in sight

Crop tops everywhere. Fabulous.

8. When you try on a maxi dress only to discover it’s trailing a few feet behind you

Is this supposed to be a train or what?

9. God help you if you’re tall and trying to find a pair of jeans that don’t graze your ankles

B7p8PrmIMAA8R83 Source: emma/Twitter

10. Having big boobs and not being able to get cute bras/bikinis on the high street

11. When you can’t find an item of clothing that isn’t spoiled by a big cut-out section

image1xxl (1) Source: ASOS

12. Spotting a lovely shirt… and knowing it’s totally see-through

13. And feeling conned into buying another top you can wear underneath it


giphy (12) Source: Imgur

14. Having to put up with these bloody hanger strings/constantly tuck them away

The bane of our lives, tbh.

Or, if you’re brave, cutting them off.

15. Finding something decent in Penneys but not wanting to tell anyone where you got it…

giphy (14) Source: Giphy

16. Lest this happen

Story of every Irish woman’s life.

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