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A woman has been writing Yelp reviews of her old dates with brilliant results

But she’s in a bit of trouble now.

NATALIE WALKER IS a New York-based actress who has stumbled on a novel idea to pass the time on the internet.

It was a bit of a brainwave

And immediately Natalie started into her Yelp journey

Documenting her dating history on the review website, the anecdotes were excellent

And the details of her romantic exploits in various places started getting loads of attention

Speaking to Refinery29, Natalie said that her exes have actually been sound about the whole thing:

The guy I went on a date with in the Hoffman Center tweet ‘liked’ it, and my ex who I dated for four-and-a-half years is super supportive

It’s all anonymous, but Natalie gets a kick out of it:

I do like the idea that any man who goes on a date with me now will wonder if I’m going to review it and that guys I’ve gone on dates with in the past are wondering if I’m coming for them next with a mixture of terror and excitement.

She described herself as the “Taylor Swift of Yelp”

Each  review is an epic odyssey

But there has been a bump in the road: Yelp isn’t designed for dating reviews and they got in touch

All good things must come to an end.

It was good craic while it lasted.

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