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14 of the quickest reactions to #YokeGate

No really, have ye any yokes though?

WELL, PARTY PEOPLE, you heard right–ecstasy is now legal in Ireland. Until Thursday, at least. A court ruling has found that certain drugs previously declared illegal are actually not illegal at all.

As a result, emergency legislation is expected to pass on Thursday that will reclassify drugs such as ecstasy back to their illegal status.

But #YokeTuesday is alive and well. This happened.

1. Predictions of Irish society were bleak



4. They weren’t wrong

5. At least it’s only drugs though

6. Add it to the shopping list


8. Spare a thought for those unlucky few

9. It was the best of times

10. It was the worst of times



13. Basically, this

14. But hey… we’ve all learned an important lesson here

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