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Kanye West - just joined Twitter.

'You are the choosen one' tweets Kanye

There’s only one man worth following for Kanye

SUPERSTAR RAPPER Kanye West has jumped on the band wagon of celebrity tweeters, joining only last week.

But instead of beefing up Kanye’s profile, the star’s tweets have made one man particularly famous. “Who is @ste_101?” asked one tweeter. He’s the one person Kanye is following on Twitter and @ste_101, otherwise known as Stephen Holmes, just an ordinary bloke from Coventry can’t believe his luck.

Holmes’s followers shot-up from 60 to more than 1,500 following the rapper’s surprise endorsement.

The two began tweeting each other on Saturday evening, when Holmes responded to a twitpic posted by West showing his blinging diamond teeth. “Do you clean them with Colgate or polish?” Holmes asked, and to his shock, Kanye replied. “I used to clean my diamonds with tooth-paste when I was about 19 … so this works out perfectly.” And then West clicked ‘follow’, which has pushed the unknown Stephen Holmes into twitter stardom. “Holy shit bro thx for following!”  Holmes tweeted back, to which West replied: “You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun.”

Holmes later tweeted “I feel pressure to say amusing and witty tweets now @kanyewest is following”.

But not everyone happy about Kanye’s choice, Holmes seems to have received a tirade of abuse “It’s a sad state of affairs that some people in the world are jealous of another person for something so trivial.” and he later tweeted “If abuse is love then I’ve never felt more loved”

Holmes declined an interview with The Independent, telling the newspaper life had got “just too weird”.

Just four days after he hit twitter Kanye West has almost 400,000 followers, while Entertainment Weekly has dubbed Kanye’s feed, the funniest twitter feed of all time.