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So Jedward like pizza. And kebabs. We get that. But does Ozzy Osbourne really cook fairycakes?
# Endorsements
You expect us to swallow this?
We get the connection between Jedward, pizza and The X-Factor – but what in the name of Ronald McDonald do we think of the rest of these celebrity food hook-ups?

OKAY. WE CAN picture Jedward in a pizza parlour. Eighteen-year-old boys eat pizza, right?

When they tossed some dough today in a presscall for TV3 and their link-up with The X-Factor sponsors Dominos Pizza, it wasn’t too weird. Certainly not as weird as it gets chez Jedward, if this is anything to go by.

However it got us wondering here at about some of the more bizarre link-ups between famous faces and fast foodstuffs…

BALLYKISSKEBAB: Why would a famous, relatively well-off person go to a fast-food joint? It’s not a question Abrakebabra asked itself when the company gave Colin Farrell its first-ever gold card, entitling the In Bruges actor to a free kebab in any of their restaurants in 2003. Here are the pictures to prove it. (Jedward, yes those lads again, popped up in a TV ad for them recently).

HAVING IT HIS WAY: Neither did Burger King consider English actor Hugh Laurie an inappropriate choice to crown with one of their gold cards, which entitles him to free burgers for life. Laurie let this fascinating nugget drop to the London Times two years ago. It also turns out Jay Leno has one.

THEY’RE LOVIN’ IT: McDonalds maintain their elusive gold cards are for employees only. But then they have in the past managed to get a basketball star (Kobe Bryant – although they dropped him in 2004 when sex assault charges were made against him; the charges were later dropped); a golf star (Michelle Wie) and, er, Weightwatchers to endorse their products.

BIG IN JAPAN: Anyone who has seen the movie Lost in Translation will be familiar with the concept that Western celebrities can make a few extra dollars flogging wares to the lucrative Asian market in ads that they might presume no-one will see at home. We’re talking to you, Ben Stiller, Janet Jackson, Jodie Foster, Wham! etc etc.

BUTTER ME UP? Which celebrities look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth? No doubt ‘Prince of Darkness’ Ozzy Osbourne and Johnny ‘Rotten’ Lydon were not the first two to spring to mind. So why could Ozzy not believe it’s not butter and Lydon opt for the Country Life?