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15 slightly f*cked up things we all secretly did on The Sims

You mess.

IF YOU WERE old enough to use a computer in the 2000s, chances are, you were obsessed with The Sims.


But you didn’t play nice. Remember…

1. Cheating, cheating and more cheating

2. Can’t afford something? Rosebud and klapaucius to the rescue

3. Moving plates around your Sims so they can’t move

rosebud Mtv Mtv

4. Moving your Sims out of the bed when they’re woo-wooing

5. And finding out that it was never worth it

UrsTsKf Imgur Imgur

6. Having your Sims cheat on ALL their partners


7. Creating a Sim that looked like you and the person you fancied

8. Sending your baby off to boarding school if it grew up ugly

9. Getting genuinely frightened at this music

10. Trapping your Sims in a tiny room and waiting it out until they piss themselves and die, just so you could see the grim reaper

11. Taking the ladder when they were in the pool

12. Taking all toilets out of the house so they would wet themselves on the regs

13. Genuinely trying to learn Simish, communsnala

14. Watching your Sim slowly destroy itself trying to make the carpool every morning

15. And finally, just making life in general extremely difficult



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