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Samantha Mumba revives her career... and 4 other weekend TV picks
Whether you’re staying in or going wild, we’ve got the telly for you.

IT’S TIME TO start thinking about the weekend, people, and thank goodness for that.

Whatever you’re up to, chances are you’ll find yourself in front of the box at some stage, and we’d hate to have to scrambling as to what to watch.

Thus, we’ve got some recommendations for the weekend, whatever your situation.

One to watch while having prinks*…The Hit (Friday, RTE 1, 21:35)


Ok, I know what this looks like…if you’re familiar with The Hit you may know that I have a tiny role in it, but honestly that is not why I’m recommending it.

I am recommending it for one reason, and one reason alone.  SAMANTHA MUMBA.

Tonight will see Samantha select a song to release as her first single in seven years, but what we all want to know is what’s she like these days?  Is she still a stunner?!? (Spoiler alert: She’s still a stunner.)  Does she have an American accent now?

*Prinks (aka pre-drinks): The practice of having a few drinks at home with friends before heading out for the night.

One to watch during your Friday night in… Big School (Friday, BBC, 21:00)


This brand new drama from the BBC stars Catherine Tate and David Walliams and is set in an ‘urban secondary school’.

It could go either way, but the trailer doesn’t look too bad.  Worth a go, we reckon.

One to soothe your hungover mind… K-9 (Saturday, RTE 2, 16:10)


Jim Belushi is a cop, and his partner is a dog.  Get it?  HE’S A DOG!

This is exactly the kind of easy, amusing,  late 80s fare your hangover wants.

One for watching if you need a laugh… Hello Ladies (Saturday, Channel 4, 23:10)


If you’re not out LARGIN’ IT, you probably wouldn’t mind a laugh.

Stephen Merchant’s stand-up show, Hello Ladies, is funny, and will make you feel less alone as you sit in on a Saturday night.

One to watch with your parents… Sunday (The Queen, UTV, 16:30)

If you're having Sunday dinner with the parents, this is the perfect film to plop in front of.

The Queen, of course, tells the tale of Queen Elizabeth in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death.

You'll all enjoy it, it includes some super acting, and there are no awkward sex scenes, TG.

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