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Penguin started a #YourMum hashtag for Mother's Day but it backfired horribly

It was always going to happen.

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS are often forgettable and out of mind within a few hours.

This is definitely not one of those campaigns.

Earlier today, Penguin Books in the UK launched their Mother’s Day Twitter campaign. And they asked one simple question – what are you getting #YourMum?

The hashtag, of course, is just begging to be joked about. The internet obliged

Some classic Yo Mama jokes could also fit perfectly into the template

And literary references were welcome too

Of course, this might be a secret plan by Penguin to get everyone talking about their brand on a big week for sales. But it’s mostly reminding people of the worst hashtag ever inflicted upon Twitter. That’s right, the Susan Boyle hashtag

Penguin have since tweeted thanking people for pointing out this unfortunate double meaning in the hashrag

Oh, Penguin.

We’re hoping this is all a grand social media strategy to inflict mother jokes on people this Monday.

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