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We've heard from Twitter, but what is Zac Efron's take on Ted Bundy?

‘He was a mass manipulator.’

The Ted Bundy documentary and film are now experiencing the 'You' effect

‘Ted Bundy kinda cute though.’

Vanessa Hudgens says High School Musical "derailed" her career

Leave our childhoods alone!

Zac Efron is facing backlash for cultural appropriation after showcasing his new dreadlocks on Instagram

“No, no, no. Stick to the stuff you know.”

Zac Efron told Graham Norton a very heartwarming story about the time that he made Michael Jackson cry

This is going to hit you right in the hangover feelings.

What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday

Here are the shows that will be on your Twitter timeline later.

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron dressed up as teenage girls on Jimmy Fallon

Warning: Cannot be unseen.

Justin Bieber 'cried his eyes out' after his court appearance... it's the Dredge

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Tweet Sweeper: Georgia Salpa has a beauty tip for you

It has nothing to do with her wearing a bikini. That and the rest of the week’s best tweets from famous people.

There is a ghost haunting Ke$ha's genitalia... it's The Dredge

That and the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt.

VIDEO: Three-trailer Thursday

Which new movie release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend? Decide for yourself with trailers of these three films, opening in cinemas tomorrow: