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10 of the weirdest memes about Zayn Malik's new green hair
Never change, One Direction fans.

THE LATEST INSTALLMENT of the Zayn Malik drama is possibly the best one yet.

He’s only gone and dyed his hair bright green.

His girlfriend Perrie from Little Mix posted this photo to Instagram with the caption #GreenHairDontCare and fans just can’t cope.

#GreenHairDontCare perrieeele perrieeele

Fans say he’s done it for World Environment Day, but it didn’t stop a few from getting digs in.

Release the hounds, the very creative hounds.

1. This odd but apt cartoon comparison

2. His ex-bandmates playing football on his head

3. A little Shrek family

CG4En4sUAAAkG-I LouistoumIinson LouistoumIinson

4. OK, we’re getting weird now

5. So weird

CG3D6nzXAAA62gx dollyspears dollyspears

6. Can’t unsee

CG27ymsUgAAWKFl SoloDmSpree SoloDmSpree

7. Completely normal

CG27zAeUcAA4nUN SoloDmSpree SoloDmSpree

8. Guys, he just dyed his hair

CG3D9SHWoAAflm9 dollyspears dollyspears

9. So much to question here

CG4NzcFVAAAnwC_ zaynbaabe zaynbaabe

10. The most appropriate one yet

It all begs the question…

The radical hair change comes days after Zayn was booed by One Direction fans during their UK leg of tour when they played an old VT on the big screen.


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