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13 times Irish people gave zero f**ks

A grand total of zero f**ks given.

1. The Dublin pub staff that came across this story on their wall

Source: @TheSonicScrew

And didn’t give a flying one with their response:

Source: @TheSonicScrew

No f**ks given that day. 

2. The person who got a hold of the Burger King Tralee Facebook page one fateful day

3vQAdPJ Source: Imgur

Not a single f**k.

3. The lads who took their Halloween costumes literally

fAKj6Nf Source: Imgur

4. The shopkeeper who simply could not care less

12247119_1002204176507325_8252368830097967472_n Source: Facebook/iRadio

5. The Dublin restaurant that gave two fingers to Good Friday

MeVpXsF Source: Imgur

“Braise the Lord”

6. The lads that cared little about the pouring rain

th4Lxq4 Source: Imgur

7. When this person gave up any chance at successfully acquiring a van because they couldn’t handle the sarcasm any more

sour2 Source: Imgur

8. This store’s relaxed attitude to their customers is worthy of praise

Source: Spin 1038 via Twitter

9. The time this GAA umpire tucked into a Supermac’s snack box during a game

He’s gone into negative f**ks given.

10. The person who was spotted dropping f**ks left, right and centre off the back of this car

fucksgiven Source: Facebook

11. The time this guy popped up in the background of the news with an audacious advertising plan

northsidceblinds Source: Youtube

12. You get the feeling that this graffiti artist actually couldn’t give a f**k about the wall in question

cheeky-graffitin Source: sarahjaybee

13. And finally… the girl who got a taxi all the way from Galway to Celbridge after her night out on New Years might very well be the definition of it

Screenshot_2016-01-01-14-40-27_censored_censored Source: Karen Durnin

Zero f**ks given.

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