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10 really rather good takes on Adele songs

The singer’s creations are a current favourite of karaoke queens and talent show kings – and some of them aren’t half bad.

ADELE: CURRENTLY THE singer/songwriter of choice for reality star wannabes and karaoke queens (and kings) everywhere.

But some of them actually do the big-lunged singer credit:

This busker in a subway does a different take on ‘Someone Like You’ - the song that hushed the Brit Awards audience to a respectful silence when Adele sang a stripped-back version of it there.

(Via YouTube/Refinery29TV)

This 15-year-old student, Park Ji Min from South Korea, shocked her fellow show contestants with her performance on a Korean talent show – watch as their faces go green when she starts singing:

(Via YouTube/KPOPSTAR)

Two other youngsters who have had success with Adele’s songs are Sophia Grace and Rosie. They have performed many times on The Ellen Show. Their excitement for the songs they sing are infectious which is no doubt why they are asked back time and time again.

(Via YouTube/TheEllenShow)

What is it with little girls and big voices? This is 10-year-old Sophia Khoury singing in the ‘Search for a Stevenage Star’.

(Via YouTube/tashasolez)

‘Gleek’ Amber Riley has taken on Adele tracks:

(Via YouTube/

Some aren’t just happy to emulate Adele’s voice – this contestant from The Voice of Bulgari dresses like her too:

(Via YouTube/)

Other attempts really are close to living up to the original while others put their own unique slant on the tracks:

(Via YouTube/MusicError0)

(Via YouTube/

(Via YouTube/)

Some performers seem well on their way to following Adele in her footsteps:

(Via YouTube/

But can anyone really live up to the original?

(Via YouTube/

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