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10 reasons why we can't wait for Spring to get a move on

Spring is almost here and we are only delighted.

TODAY MARKS THE Spring Equinox and that means that Spring is officially here (did anyone tell Mother Nature that though?).

We know some of you are still hanging in there under the icy grips of the snow, but surely there’ll be a let up soon?

Here’s reasons why we can’t wait for Spring to really get its arse in gear…

1. Daffodils

Nothing heralds the end of winter like these yellow warriers.

AND they come back every year. The troopers.

The Taoiseach knows the score, right E-Kenz? Photocall Ireland

The Cranberries wrote a lovely song about them too:


3. Flowers in general

So glorious…


3. Not having to wear your winter coat anymore

Are you one of those super-organised people who “puts up” their winter clothes when spring has finally sprung?

We envy you, you organised yokes, and soon it will be time to get out those garment bags and banish the duffle coats to the top of the wardrobe.

There’ll be no need to bundle yourself up in 18 layers just to go into your kitchen, and just a light jacket will do, or maybe even a blazer (ooh, get you).

Hurrah for spring! And for blazers! etc.

Look at her. Delighted. Image via Shutterstock.com

4. Not having wet feet

Alongside flapping around town in your blazer not feeling the chill, you can also be free of the scourge of wet feet as the spring sun shines everywhere.

No more trying to figure out how to dry the street juice off your shoes in the office, no more squelching when you go to grab lunch.

Unless it rains, which you know never happens in Ireland.

Ugh. Street Juice. (Flickr/Creative Commons/Striatic)

5. Easter eggs

Yves Logghe/AP/Press Association Images


6. Sunglasses

We know they can seem a bit pretentious but with all this sunny spring weather on the horizon you can now start rocking some glamourous shades without feeling like a dope.

Some suggestions:

Images via Shutterstock.com

Or these

Image via ShutterStock.com

Or something low key like this

Image via Shutterstock.com

7. Longer days

If your favourite saying is “grand oul’ stretch in the evenings now” or similar than spring is the season for you.

Grand altogether (Final Gather/Flickr/Creative Commons)

8. Students doing their mocks, and you feeling smug about it

If your exam days are far behind you, then you’ll be rejoicing.

If they’re not, we apologise.

9. A chance to reflect

It’s not quite the frenzied, post Christmas mope fest that is New Year and it’s not so late that you can’t plan that much needed holiday.

Spring is the perfect time to have a think about where you’d like to be for the rest of your year

You can take time to ask yourself the big questions.

Such as: Will I really try and go to three music festivals this summer? Will Darren come back to Love/Hate? Will we have chops for dinner?

10. Lambs


royaldesign1984 / YouTube

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