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11 life lessons we learned from Sex and the City

It’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday so it’s time for some highly questionable morals.

TODAY IS SARAH Jessica Parker’s birthday.

We all know and love SJP (as she is known) from her time as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, that HBO comedy series that you either love, love to hate or actually love even though you tell everyone you hate it.

To celebrate SJP’s big day we’ve taken a look at the (possibly unrealistic) life lessons we got from Sex and the City.

1. Cosmopolitans are an enjoyable drink and will make you look sophisticated

If you’ve ever had a Cosmopolitan cocktail you have also probably namechecked Sex and the City. (If you say you haven’t you’re clearly a tremendous liar) and sipped your cocktail while feeling fabulous.

Just like Jason Segel:

yummyyanko / YouTube

You should also order a Cosmopolitan in any situation

CravingForHome / Tumblr

2. Carrie Bradshaw is wise and super deep

She just has so much to say. So. much.

Urban Black ‘N White / Tumblr

Aly / Tumblr

The Messy Boy / Tumblr

Le-Sorridere / Tumblr

3. A breakup via Post-It will haunt you forever

Remember when Carrie got broken up with via a post-it note?

MultiLoveButterfly / YouTube

She was devastated and ended up ranting to a stranger about in a club. That’s always the worst

NewyorkNewyork91 / YouTube

4. Life in New York is obviously really glamourous

Charles Guerin/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

The best thing about the show was seeing New York in all it’s glory while trying to figure out just how someone who writes a weekly newspaper column can afford designer clothes, a decent sized apartment and to eat out every night of the week.

We have concluded from our thorough and purely scientific viewing of the show that New York is in fact the city of dreams and we should all just move there and have Cosmos for breakfast. Every day.

5. It’s not weird, it’s just fashion

The STYLE of those Sex and the City girls, sure didn’t they wear some great rig outs all the same?

The show was great for showing us mere mortals how to really jazz up our look no matter how outrageous.

Like wearing a belt around your bare stomach. Very stylish

Ken Katz/allaction.co.uk /EMPICS Entertainment

Roam the streets in your PJs for maximum style

Keep Calm and Wear Couture / Tumblr

Even Samantha looks a bit fed up with all the style. It must be exhausting. STYLE.

Ken Katz/allaction.co.uk /EMPICS Entertainment

6. Samantha is great

Some might argue that hyper sexed Samantha is a caricature, who is more interested in getting her rocks off than being an interesting person.

We would call those people completely joyless and horrible as she is clearly the best thing in the show.

MorbidlyFabulous / Tumblr

The best thing:

lana1912 / YouTube

(some NSFW language in that clip, unsurprisingly)

7. Carrie was kind of annoying

Like, for a lead character how ANNOYING was Carrie?

There are whole episodes where she’s just so selfish you’d find yourself screaming at the TV.

It just shows that you can be the star in life even if you’re super annoying. How inspiring.

Zenderoglu / Tumblr


8. Great for putting yourself and friends into categories

The best thing about watching Sex and the City is the way you can totally just put yourself and your mates into categories depending on the characters in questions.

“Like, you’re actually such a Mrianda!”

“Omigod I’m so Carrie though!”

Also, why does nobody ever want to be Samantha i.e. the best one? (SEE: Point number 6)

hands2101 / YouTube

9. Sequels are bad

If Sex and the City has taught us anything it’s that sequels can be bad. Like, really bad.

Like, “are they for real, is this a spoof, am I on Punk’d even though I’m not famous and don’t know Ashton Kutcher?” bad.

Sex and the City 2 is so, so bad just watching the trailer for it will have you shuddering in your Manolos (knock offs from Penneys).

TheGodFather2399 / YouTube

10. Charlotte is ridiculous

From the obsession with unrealistic true love to the scene in the first film where she poos herself (that’s right. Poos herself) Charlotte is clearly the most ridiculous member of the group.

Charlotte’s ridiculousness can be summed up in this picture from the first movie

via MissCatBradley on Twitter

10. Miranda is the only vaguely believable one

Even though she’s meant to be extremely cynical and spends several seasons rocking a really unflattering haircut, Miranda is the only one of the women you could imagine as an actual person (maybe it’s the haircut).

Before she gets super glammed up in later seasons Miranda is the stressed out, work-aholic one who talks like a real person might as opposed to the other girls who always seem super polished at all times.

Basically, we’re all like, total Mirandas.

Maritac2002 / YouTube

11. People falling down is funny / inspirational

The best Sex and the City moment is the episode where Carrie falls down on the catwalk.

It’s inspiring because she gets back up and looks wonderful and like you always to do that in life etc etc

Also it’s really funny because people falling over is always funny. Always.

(some NSFW language in this clip if you are for some reason watching SATC clips in your office)

CristinaAndra / YouTube

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