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11 reasons why we're excited Mis-Teeq are coming back

They were amazing, they are coming back and you should be excited.

THIS WEEK ALESHA Dixon announced that she’s working a reunion with her bandmates in girlgroup Mis-Teeq.

Mis-Teeq were huge in the early 2000s and had garage and R&B influences in many of their biggest hits.

You’ll know them best for the still-amazing number Scandalous:

MisTQ6 / YouTube

The prospect of a Mis-Teeq return is quite exciting and in case you weren’t convinced here are some reasons we’re happy to have them back:

1. They once wore what looked like dress sized curtain tassells

Were you ever in someone’s house as a child and thought that the those curtain tassell things that they used to keep them in place were a bit fancy?

Well Mis-Teeq clearly didn’t because they once wore a dress made out of them (we think):

Arron Hess / /Arron Hess/EMPICS Entertainment

2. They weren’t afraid to look edgy

Here we see Mis-Teeq posing mid air with the clouds around them to get that perfect photo. What pros.

Don’t Be Tardy For The Party / Tumblr

3. One time Sabrina had really, really pink hair.

Oh you kids today and your dip dye hair think you’re so great don’t you?

Well back in 2001 the Mis-Teeq ladies were unafraid of the hair dye and Sabrina took rocking some pink tips to new heights:

Martin Leaver/ /EMPICS Entertainment

4. They rocked alot of leather at the MOBO Awards once

Here we see Mis-Teeq unafraid to rock alot (ALOT) of leather while performing, we bet they were sweating something fierce.

William Conran/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The whole performance is pretty amazing, they arrive on motorbikes just like their debut album cover and you get to see plenty of Alesha Dixon’s rapping (Sabrina gives it a bash aswell).

Also Kelis appears at the start of the video in a very “of its time” revealing outfit.

Ah 2001, you were gas.

MoboAwardsOfficial / YouTube

5. The time they performed at the Brits and there was lots of confetti

Look it all, we hope it didn’t get in someone’s eye:

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Again, the whole performance is very elaborate and features amazing Alesha Dixon MC skills.

Oohbabyyeahbaby / YouTube

6. They took time out to play some sports

Even UK R&B girlgroups need to kick back and play some football sometimes:

Jean/ /EMPICS Entertainment

7. They weren’t afraid to pursue their own solo adventures while still in the band

Most girlgroups struggle to let their members find their own happiness but that wasn’t a problem for Mis-Teeq

Alesha was happy to play some bongos and we’re just going to say it,  her own bongos are very .. visible here. Sorry. We had to.

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Su-Elise (who let’s face it is the “which one are you again?” member of the group) went roller skating:

David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment

And Sabrina posed with this customised car at London Fashion Week that kind of looks like something Hip-Hop Barbie would drive:

Alan Chapman / /EMPICS Entertainment

8.  They made Prince Charles laugh

Mis-teeq did what many other popstars have and met Prince Charles at some concert or other.

By the look of things he thought they were gas:

PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Just gas altogether:

PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

9. They’re basically best mates with Brian Dowling

Well he interviewed them in 2003 for SMTV live (remember that!?) anyway.

They seem to be good craic and it’s weird to see how young they all look, especially Brian. Jaysus.

MrTvboy2009 / YouTube

10.  They kind of cracked America

Mis-teeq’s Scandalous was a tune so good that it even “broke America” (the ultimate goal of any non-American pop act)

It was a top 40 hit in the US in 2004 and was tied in with the release of the disastrous Halle Berry movie Catwoman.


They even cropped up on US TV to perform including a Pepsi themed performance including questionable outfits.

At least one guy in the audience was having a great time:

Screengrab: Richard Arsenault / YouTube

Richard Arsenault / YouTube

11. They always kept their cool

Mis-teeq were really cool. They were so cool that even when teaming up with US rapper Redman at the Mobos they looked totally composed and sleek:

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images


MisTQ6 / YouTube

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THE VERDICT: Tayto’s cheese and onion crisp chocolate bar>

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