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8 clothing brands every girl would have killed for in the 2000s

You were the coolest kid in school if you rocked up in one of these on No Uniform Day.

NOW, WE CAN look back and say “Ha, how foolish we all were to want such awful things”. But at the time, it was serious.

1. Miss Sixty

m_592880aec28456ebc2004c35 Poshmark Poshmark

Miss Sixty were THE name in suuuuuper low-rise jeans, because we all wanted to show off our butt cracks in the 2000s.

If you couldn’t afford those (which was highly likely), you could always try one of the perfumes – anything to get in on that sweet Miss Sixty action.

61202w Fragrancex Fragrancex

2. Roxy

$_57 eBay eBay

Having the word ‘ROXY’ on your t-shirt was the ultimate cool calling card. Did you surf? No. Did you want to give the air that you could? Yes.

3. Paul Frank


That monkey. It haunts my nightmares.

4. Guess

m_58b731e6c6c79532b51451cb Poshmark Poshmark

Oh, the smugness of people who came back from New York with one of these monstrosities. Because yes, they were monstrosities.

5. Nope


Of course. Confirmation outfit on FLEEK.

6. Susst

BpYV1DAIYAAMNUA Twitter / @poshtoast Twitter / @poshtoast / @poshtoast

The wider the leg, the closer to god. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Never mind how your mother despaired when you arrived home on a rainy day soaked up to your knees.

7. Juicy Couture

juicy-couture-none-juicy-bum-velour-trackpants-none-product-2-655969814-normal Lystit Lystit

Fortunately, this has come back around – so if you always wanted to get in on the trend for wearing words on your arse, now’s your chance!

8. Gap

s-l500 Ebay Ebay

It’s hard to imagine a time when these were cool, but they were. If you couldn’t get your hands on a real one, you could always pick up a fake one from the market. No one had to know.

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