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5 iPad accessories that will blow the bank…

…And one for the shy iPad owner with label guilt.

SO YOU HAVE just about managed to scrimp and save to buy your iPad or other tablet – what you need now of course is something that says you have truly made it.  So why not a totally overpriced carrying case?

Label lovers everywhere will say if you have the cash, why not ‘invest’ in these ‘statement pieces’? They are very pretty, no doubt about it, but $425 for an iPad case – seriously?

Dolce and Gabbana $425 (€324) – Covered in polka dots and daisies this case really is the epitome of spring. A very expensive spring.

(Image via dolcegabbana.com)

Marc by Marc Jacobs €195 – This hot pink case is sure to get you noticed in a crowd, and for a measly price of just under €200.

(Image via net-a-porter.com)

iPad suit – For the man who has everything this is a fun male accessory, but is it practical? Mahon’s custom tailors in New York will tailor make your business suit so that your iPad fits snugly inside your suit jacket. They state that they have created a suit for the ‘modern man’ and that their innovative design has created a “fashion rush for techies around the world”.

(Image via Mahon’s Custom Tailors)

Versace €360 – This luxe leather pink tablet case has gold baroque detailing on the outside. This one is at least multi-tasking as it can be used as a display stand too – well now that’s a bargain.

(Image via net-a-porter.com)

ColorWare – So you have bought your iPad, but you don’t want to be like everyone else. You could buy a cover, but what would be even better is if you could customise the colour of your own iPad. For as ‘little’ as $900- $1030 you can do just that. The American company ColorWare can apply different colours to the iPad including the body, back logo and front facing button. There are a number of colours to choose from and the X2 coating technology makes the paint job scratch and fade resistant.

(Image via ColorWare)

BookBook Vintage case $69.99 (€53.50) – For the opposite end of the spectrum – these slightly obnoxious designer cases are from boutique accessory manufacturer twelvesouth. These cases say that you prefer the more classic style – you are not about the names and labels – knowing you have the new iPad is good enough for you.

(Image via twelvesouth)

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