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5 unusual places to spend St Patrick's Day

TheJournal.ie has rounded up some of the more unusual spots to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year.

Colourful spectators enjoy the festivities at the 186th consecutive St. Patrick's Day parade in Montreal 2010.
Colourful spectators enjoy the festivities at the 186th consecutive St. Patrick's Day parade in Montreal 2010.
Image: Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press/PA Images

NEW YORK CITY and certain other places in the States and beyond are traditional bastions of St Patrick’s Day festivities.

There are a few more unusual corners of the world wearing the green today…

1. Singapore may not seem like a place with many Irish connections but the St Patrick’s Society Singapore has organised a parade for over six years and even got the Irish ambassador to Singapore to join in on the festivities last year. The society’s aim is “to bring the Irish Community together” – the highlight of their year is the annual St Patrick’s Day Ball.

2. With the Irish diaspora all over the globe at this stage, some African nations are even joining in on our native  celebration. A St Patrick’s Day beach party is taking place in Accra, Ghana. Instead of braving the cold and standing on the side of O’Connell Street on 17 March, people in Ghana are welcome to join the celebrations at a relaxing ocean retreat sipping cocktails and enjoying the sea breeze. The Irish-themed menu for the day has tasters such as the “grilled boozy beef steak marinated in whiskey” served with potato salad.

3. Another paradise spot jumping on the St Patrick’s Day band wagon is Hawaii – but surprisingly Hawaii has a rich Irish history. James O’ Toole’s article which was printed in the Paradise News states that there is even a hula song about an Irish- Hawaiian named Lola O’Brien. According to The Friends of St Patrick Hawaii they will be holding their 45th St Patrick’s Day parade which will be  followed by the Emerald Ball.

4. St. Patrick’s Day is not just a public holiday in Ireland. It is also a holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, and in Montserrat in the West Indies. This year Montserrat, which is quick on our heels to take the name “The Emerald Isle”, is holding a week of activities with many locals wearing green traditional national dress. Montserrat has long been known for having natives with what can only be described as Irish accents. The Irish connection comes from a group of Irish people who were transported there from Ireland in the 1600s when the island was an English colony.

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5. All the major US cities have St Patrick’s Day celebrations but even the smaller towns and cities are joining in on the fun. Tucson in Arizona has its own parade organised and even has some Irish Roscommon councillors as their special guests. This year’s theme for the parade is “Arizona’s Irish 100 years and Going Strong”.

(Via YouTube/CityofTucson)

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