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6 amazing songs that were huge this weekend 20 years ago

What a bunch of absolute TUNES.

IT’S THE EASTER Bank Holiday weekend! Let’s eat chocolate and be as lazy as possible.

Let’s also take a look down memory lane and ask ourselves what songs were big in the charts this time 2o years ago.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, there were some pretty amazing tunes in the charts at the start of April 1993.

Brace yourself.

1. Shabba Ranks – Mr. Loverman

Dancehall and reggae inspired pop was big business in the early 90s and that meant this tune became a huge hit in the 1993 (it was rereleased after underperforming in 1992)

It still sounds kind of amazing, allow us to dance like fools for a moment

kobatv1 / YouTube

2. Shaggy – Oh Carolina

Shaggy’s take on this reggae classic  was his first big hit in 1993 reaching number 1 here and in the UK.

Given that Shaggy went on to have lots of hits this is either the start of something special or an early warning sign.


3. Snow – Informer

Far be it from Shaggy and Shabba Ranks to have all the reggae pop success, the Canadians wanted in on it too.

Before Justin Bieber became Canadian pop royalty, rapper Snow had a stab at a reggae tinged hit of his own.

Informer sounds a bit daft now but it was huge at the time.

The video is a time capsule of early 90s fashions that would probably be in style now too.

inkredebilchina / YouTube

4. Jade – Don’t Walk Away

This R&B classic still sounds absolutely amazing and it’s no surprise that it was a huge hit over here and in the US in 1993.

The video is also a feast of high waisted denim and dance moves you would have spent hours learning with your friends.

The song also appeared on the band’s debut album which was called Jade to the Max, which is a pretty great album title.

Give this a watch and start practising those moves.

Ineka / YouTube

5. Bluebells – Young at Heart

The power of a big advert in action.

Scottish pop rock act Bluebells enjoyed success in the 80s but split a few years later.

This track was thrown on a famous Volkswagen ad and was then rereleased in 1993, hitting the top of both the UK and Irish charts.

VennyBedePromotions / YouTube

The ad will definitely bring back some serious 90s memories for you too:

vincentinfinity / YouTube

6. Robin S – Show Me Love


This club classic was enjoying chart glory this time 20 years ago

Rapidly becoming one of the most recognisable dance songs ever this track still sounds amazing today.

It was a chart hit too going top 10 in the UK and the US but peaking at only no. 29 in Ireland.

WHAT were we thinking?

Press play on this and channel your best 90s clubber.

SpinninRec / YouTube

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