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Actor George Clooney who was arrested and later released for protesting at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington. Cliff Owen/AP/PA Images
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6 political activist celebrities (other than George Clooney)

These temporary jailbirds put their star power behind issues from the Vietnam War to nuclear power.

GEORGE CLOONEY who was recently released from custody following his arrest at Sudan’s embassy in Washington, has joined an acclaimed list of celebrity crusaders.

While celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan are getting arrested for drink driving and drug posession, there are a number of celebrities who are getting arrested for much more worthy causes.

Here are six other celebrities, that aren’t George Clooney, that deserve a shout out for flying the flag for the little people:

1. Jane Fonda

Perhaps the original celebrity protester and activist, Fonda has protested over a number of issues for many years. She has drawn attention to the human rights violations against Soviet Jews, led many an anti-war demonstration and taken part in a 36-hour anti-war fast in downtown Denver. In 1970 Jane Fonda was arrested for kicking a police officer who was arresting her for possession of a large amount of pills. Charges were dropped when it was determined that the pills were vitamins. At the time, the actress was on her way back from speaking at an anti-Vietnam war fundraiser in Canada.

2. Martin Sheen

The actor, who famously played the US president in the TV series The West Wing, has been arrested 66 times – the most recent being for trespassing on a nuclear test facility in Nevada in 2007. He told The Telegraph that despite his interest in political activism he is not interested in getting involved in real life politics.

3. Daryl Hannah

After famously portraying a mermaid in the hit 1984 movie Splash, the actress has moved onto more political activities. In 2011 the 51-year-old was arrested outside of the White House. Hannah was taking part in a sit-in to stop the proposed Keystone oil pipeline which would run from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Fox News reports that Hannah climbed a walnut tree and chained herself to concrete-filled barrels.

4. James Cromwell

Animal rights was his reason for protesting. The actor, who played the farmer in hit movie Babe, was arrested during a protest at the fast food chain Wendys in 2001. According to, the actor, who has recently received acclaim for his work in The Artist, was released after five hours.

5. Woody Harrleson

In 1996 Harrelson was arrested after scaling down the Golden Gate Bridge. The protest was to protect a 60,000 acre redwood grove site. The Chicago Tribune reported at the time that the protesters stretched out banners above the roadway while bridge officials and California Highway Patrol officers waited for them below.

6. Susan Sarandon

Another veteran activist – Sarandon has been protesting ever since the Vietnam War. In 1999 she was arrested during a protest against the killing of Amadou Diallo who was killed by policemen. Diallo was unarmed at the time of his shooting. Sarandon was also seen at the Occupy Wall Street camp last year.

6 political activist celebrities (other than George Clooney)
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    Jane Fonda address a crowd at New York's Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Sunday in 1981 (Ari Mintz/AP/Press Association Images)
  • Celebrity political protesters

    Actor Martin Sheen carries a cross as he marches in a procession around the Federal Building in Los Angeles during a prayer vigil for peace in 2003. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)Source: (Nick Ut/PA Images)
  • Celebrity political protesters

    Actor James Cromwell from the film speaks at the first annual Golden Collar Awards in Los Angeles. The Golden Collar awards recognise the work of dogs in film and television (he was accepting it for the dog in The Artist). (Matt Sayles/AP/Press Association Images)Source: Matt Sayles/AP/Press Association Images
  • Celebrity political protesters

    Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson who was arrested in 1996 in San Francisco. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press/PA Images)Source: Chris Young/The Canadian Press/PA Images
  • Celebrity political protesters

    Actress Susan Sarandon gives the peace sign during a rally opposing the war in Iraq on the National Mall in 2007. (Kevin Wolf/AP Photo)Source: (Kevin Wolf/AP Photo)
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    Darryl Hannah who chained herself to a tree during a protest in 2006. (PA Archive/PA Images)Source: Yui Mok/PA Archive/PA Images