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This comes to pass, when a meme is born

The 60-year-old girl has taken over the internet overnight.

MEMES ARE HARD to describe to those who aren’t familiar with them. They sound a bit nothingy. “Well, it’s a photo with a bit of writing and it’s supposed to be funny.”


Internet memes, according to the Urban Dictionary, are

Popular quotes, images, and real people, which are copied, imitated, and spread all over the internet(s)!

However, we rarely get an insight into how they’re born.

Yesterday a man on Reddit posted a photo of his wife as a child, noting that she looked like an elderly woman. He’s not wrong.

Here’s the original:

9PDmdNR Source: Imgur

Little did he predict what would happen next, as him sleeping on the sofa is probably evidence of.

Redditors took over, ensuring they turned ‘the 60-year-old girl’ into the meme of the moment.

tvc19pd Source: Livememe

grannymeme1 Source: Livememe



uvvmmf5 Source: Livememe


t0miwdd Source: Lvme

livememe.com - 60 Year Old Girl Source: Livememe

enhanced-buzz-20430-1386716644-0 Source: Reddit

Jesus Christ named the number one “historical meme”>

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