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31 excellent memes that took over 2017

When things are bad, turn to memes.

We need to stop encouraging the idea that women are crazy when they're hungry

When good memes go bad.

15 memes for people who are hopelessly addicted to Netflix

*walks in door, turns on Netflix*

13 of the quickest Irish responses to Theresa May's big election announcement

She’s wrecking the gaff.

11 reasons being a millennial is the absolute WORST

Who even wants affordable healthcare and housing anyway?

JK Rowling would like fans to stop 'making plans' for her death, thanks very much

A meme detailing a future memorial for the author is being shared on Twitter. Bit grim, lads!

17 excellent memes this year has already blessed us with

Howbow dah.

The latest meme on Twitter illustrates just how much 2016 ruined us

Me at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016.

18 people that are basically you as a parent

It’s a tough gig.

Irish people in this Facebook group have come up with a gas Gaeilge meme

And now they’re popping up everywhere.

15 people who don't give a damn about your 'rules'

Break the system.

10 images that perfectly sum up the make-up struggle

It’s a struggle.

From The 10 most important memes that were born and died in 2015 Hotline Bling

The 10 most important memes that were born and died in 2015

The good, the bad and The Dress.

Some joker finally brought Netflix and chill to the company's headquarters

Netflix and vandalise…?

11 memes only Irish people will understand

Anything you want to say, can be said in a meme.

What's the deal with Deez Nuts?

Deez Nuts may be the new US president.

16 ways this year's Junior and Leaving Certs are the funniest f**kers

We all need a laugh at this difficult time.

How many memes can you recognise in this epic airline safety video?

The only safety video you’ll actually pay attention to.

A man has only gone and tattooed #TheDress on himself

It’s blue and black, in case you were wondering.

'Bath bombing' is the last great meme of 2014

“Love my new bath bomb from Lush.”

9 terrible memes that were born and (thankfully) died in 2014

2014: The year of the internet craze.

YouTube has mashed the entire 2014 internet into one single video

How many memes can you count?

'Who blons a dumb de now?' is the nonsense meme you need in your life immediately

We all blons a dumb de now.

Slender Man blamed for teen arson attack, but is the creepy figure really responsible?

A 14-year-old girl set fire to her home while her family was inside.

Sad Jack White was briefly happy last night

But then he was sad again.

#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin is the hashtag you've been missing out on

It’s so great, Prince is even writing a song about it.

Student behind the funniest Leaving Cert Twitter account reveals herself

Where did she find the time?

Worried Seal is the new meme that perfectly sums up your life

All hail Worried Seal.

17 memes that made the internet wonderful in 2013

Memes are the most essential of our shared cultural cornerstones. Obv.

This comes to pass, when a meme is born

The 60-year-old girl has taken over the internet overnight.

'Catholic memes' are a thing on Facebook

That awkward moment at Mass when…

Brides throwing cats is the latest wedding craze

No cats were harmed in the making of this meme.

NSFW: 6 of the best Wrecking Ball parodies

They were inevitable.

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