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7 Saved By the Bell moments which will have you craving a reunion

From caffeine pills to Tori Spelling.

SAVED BY THE Bell was an after school staple for children of the 90s, and while many of it’s stars are still in the public eye, they haven’t all been seen together in a very long time.

However recent comments by Mark Paul Gosselaar and Mr. Belding (it would be wrong to call him anything else) indicate that at least some of them would be up for getting the old gang back together.  Oh what we wouldn’t give to see Jessie’s sass, Kelly’s charm and Screech’s hilarious comedy stylings reunited on screen!

We live in hope, but in the meantime, here are seven amazing Saved by the Bell moments to tide you over.

Jessie on caffeine pills

Poor Jessie was overwhelmed with studying for a massive geometry test and rehearsing with her band, the Hot Sundaes.  She had no choice but to turn to drugs.  The drug of choice?  Caffeine pills.  Her saviour?  Zack Morris of course.


Lisa doing the sprain

Lisa is really excited about the dance contest in The Max – but oh no!  She sprains her ankle and her hot partner backs out, thankfully the ever adoring Screech steps in and convinces her not to give up.


Zack and Slater Fight

A new girl in Bayside puts Slater and Zack’s friendship to the test – to the violent test.


Slater dancing

Any time.  Every time.


Tori Spelling as a Screech’s nerdy girlfriend

Tori’s dad was the producer of Saved by the Bell so it was no surprise when she popped up.  Less predictable was the fact that she popped up as nerdy Violet Bickerstaff, a love interest for Screech.


Zack’s phone

Again, any time.  Every time.


Zack and Kelly break up

Kelly falls for her boss Jeff, and suddenly everyone’s favourite romance comes to a tragic, costumed, dancing end.


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