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8 bits that caught our eye in the Wills and Kate wedding

It’s the first anniversary of the British royal couple’s nuptials today. Whether you were really interested or not, there are a few moments that still linger in the mind…

DID YOU WATCH a bit of the British royal wedding last year? Pretend not to but did anyway? Or wouldn’t be bothered?

Either way, it can’t fail to have escaped your attention that it’s the first year anniversary of the nuptials today.

Like all good wedding videos and photo albums, we’ve cut out the boring bits and left you with a mixtape of the major talking point of the day:

The cartwheeling verger

A verger at Westminster Abbey, Ben Sheward, was chastised by staff there after he was caught on camera cart-wheeling down the red-carpeted aisle after guests and wedding party had left for the reception. But for a moment of pure joy, we applaud him.

(via ITV1/Youtube)

That dress

Don’t deny it. You had a peek at the frock. You probably didn’t buy one of the many knock-off designs for your own wedding. (Did you?)

(Image: Clara Molden/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

Lipreading William (and the rest)

What did he say? What did he say? That’s all people seemed to want to know when William turned to Kate as she reached the top of the altar and mouthed a few words. Lipreader Charlie Swinbourne told The Guardian he thought he said: “You look stunning, by the way. Very beautiful.” Okay, then.

Tina Lannin for Associated Press went one further and lipread everyone. Read it here if you can bear the tedium.

(Not) Cardinal Brady’s liveblog

Cardinal Seán Brady, Primate of All Ireland, was invited to the wedding. TheJournal.ie‘s columnist (Not) Cardinal Brady gave us a blow-by-blow account as he liveblogged the adventures.

The ‘We are not amused’ flower girl

Check out the kid on the left. Everyone in the crowd that day left with a hex on them.

(Image: Chris Ison/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

The crowd-control policeman

Piece of classic ‘pretend trip’ tomfoolery from a policeman to entertain the thousands on The Mall as they wait for William and Kate to make an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

(via SkyNews/nsotd3/Youtube)

The hats with a life of their own

Beatrice and Eugenie, daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, were the talk of the style watchers. The hats in particular almost had their own agent there for a while. Internet memes and sites about Beatrice’s hat, in particular, lasted longer than the wedding reception. See here, here and here for example. Note: Irish designer Philip Treacy created the hats.

(Image: David Jones/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

The bridesmaid’s bottom

It has its own Facebook fan page, spin-off diet features, and tops the list of bridesmaid-overshadowing-the-bride moments. Do we need to do actually say what this is?

(Lewis Whyld/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

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