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8 everyday things that should be easier

Paths should be conveyor belts.


Life is tricky enough at the best of times without day-to-day tasks being hard, right?

Do you find these everyday things difficult too, or are we just a bit rubbish at existing?

Lighting a candle with a lighter

Image: DePaul

Every time you get the lighter flat enough and close to the candle, it goes out. Try again, goes out again. Repeat until your thumb is burnt.

Opening packets

There’s a name of the frustration resulting from an inability to open packaging. It’s called “wrap rage” and we’ve all been there.

Packaging is hard.

Image: via Shutterstock

We’ve all been defeated by a tight cap on a bottle, or a stubborn lid on a jar – in fact, apparently around six thousand people a year end up in hospital due to wounds caused by tricky blister packs or rigid clamshell-style packaging. It’s not just us!

Getting a key off a key ring

Image: via mcbrayers

Why are key rings constructed like a puzzle?

Packing shopping bags

Speaking of puzzles, packing your bag after a supermarket shop is kind of like a real-life Tetris.

Image: via Spreadshirt

A real-life Tetris that ends up with smashed eggs. Sigh.

Accepting a compliment

A minefield. If you agree, will you sound full of yourself? If you brush it off, will you seem rude?

Image: via Memegenerator

Why is it SO hard just to say “Thanks”?!

Dividing a bill

You’d swear the table was all going in on a mortgage together.

Image: via Shutterstock

If you’re going out with friends you may as well just take a calculator. There’s always one who didn’t get dessert, or didn’t have any wine, or only had a main course.

The mental arithmetic is too much for our poor Ordinary Level Maths at Leaving Cert brains. We surrender.

Boiling an egg

We all have a perfect method, but nothing is foolproof.

Too runny, too hard. To use a timer, to go with your gut.

Image: via Flickr/ Edsel L

It’s a tightrope we walk everyday of our lives. We all have our crosses to bear, I suppose.

Taking a photograph

Image: via Awkward Family Photos


“Is everyone in?”

“Wait, wait, who’s going to take it?”

“Oh no, Mary closed her eyes!”

Ten minutes later and we are no closer to having this bloody photo taken.

What difficult everyday things wreck your buzz?

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