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9 things that ALWAYS happened on a family weekend away
You’d be off to the amusements right after you’d listened to your favourite tape on the way down.

THIS BANK HOLIDAY weekend, maybe you’re reminiscing on when you and your nearest and dearest would go for day trips or short weekend getaways across the country.

Was it an idyllic experience where you all got along famously? Or did someone always end up being sick before you’d even got on the motorway?

We’ve had a think and this is our rundown of the things that always happened on those fabled weekend aways.

1. Battle over the music

Either you had a tape of your favourite band’s new album or whatever jams you’d taped off the radio (remember doing that?) but you were insistent on getting it to be the soundtrack of your trip down to the country / the west / the west of the country.

Perhaps this was this way on your killer mixtape

KrisKrossVevo / YouTube

2. Competitive car games

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It could be the intensely difficult I Spy round where you try to think of a plant name to catch your sibling out or any games involving license plates.

Either way they’d get extremely competitive and you’d find yourself screaming I SAW A KILDARE REG TWICE I WIN more than once along the journey.

3. “You should have gone before you left!”

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That horrific moment an hour into a three hour drive where you realised that you needed to pee.

And even though “you should have gone before you left” like your mother said you were now going to have to relieve yourself at the side of the road. Traumatic.

4. Food at a questionable eatery

On your way down to your chosen weekend destination or while actually there chances are you and your family end up eating not-very-nice chips and sausages at the local greasy spoon.

Even though it was supposed to be a treat it didn’t really taste like one and you were left a bit deflated. Sigh.

5.  Rain

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It didn’t matter if you were going to go hill-walking, through a forest, to an “adventure centre” or just down to your granny’s house it was always going to rain.

Like, biblical disaster movie rain. Not just a light drizzle.

The joys of holidaying at home.

6. Tourist attractions of questionable quality

It could be some local history museum that consisted of an old tractor and paintings of their first mayor or an uninteresting park at the side of the road but either way you just wanted to be brought to the funfair.

7. The funfair, the arcade and / or “the amusements”

Stephen Rafferty/Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

You’d finally convinced your parents to let you roam wild at “the amusements” but then came the tricky part, trying to budget for playing the allotted number of arcade games, squeezing in time for the bumper cars and not having so many Slush Puppies that you’d feel queasy on the rollercoaster.

You really did learn life skills on holiday.

8. Holiday friends

It could be the family you end up hanging around with all weekend or the nice local kids who took pity on your scaredy cat ways during the funfair’s (pretty ropey) haunted house.

Either way you’d have plenty of fleeting friendship moments on those little trips. Of course now you’d be Facebook friends within 30 seconds and never be able to escape them. But still.

9. Bodily functions

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Somebody always had to puke didn’t they? Whether it was a wobbly stomach on the car trip down, an embarrassing upchuck on the dodge’ems or someone who couldn’t handle that dodgy hotdog, somebody was always having some kind of sick moment. Memories.

What weekend trip memories have you got? Let us know your most precious (or not) recollections in the comments

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