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9 things you always leave until the last minute

Ah leave it another ten minutes, it’ll be grand.

WHY DO TODAY what can be put off until tomorrow? That’s our motto.

Some people leave things until the last minute because they work best under pressure.

And then some people (like us, ssh) leave things until the last minute because they are bone idle.

Getting petrol

Image: via Chacha

“Ah sure, that flashing light means I have a while yet on the road.”

Ten minutes later, you have your head in your hands on the hard shoulder.

Renewing your passport

Image: via Oddee

You spend a frantic afternoon checking on the Internet to see if Ryanair accept any other photo ID, before giving in and ordering the new passport.

Look on the brightside – new picture!

Buying Christmas presents

Image: via Shutterstock

Every year, you tell yourself it’ll be different.

And every year, you’re in the shops on Christmas Eve buying socks for your dad.

Getting in the shower

Image: via Blastr

Once you’re in the shower it’ll be the best thing ever. You know that. But you just can’t drag yourself in to do it.

Going to bed

I’ll just watch another episode of this before I turn in.

Image: via Cheezburger

How did it get to 2am?


Getting out of bed

Image: via Shutterstock

Oh, just five more minutes.

Okay, now it’s really just five more minutes.

Now you’re late.

Handing in work

Image: via Tumblr/Blue Moon

This habit started with doing primary school homework at the eleventh hour, continued through college essays and has followed you into work.

Why didn’t we just specialise in procrastination? It’s obviously what we’re all best at!

Packing for holidays

Image: via Flickr/Chispita

Night before the flight, suitcase on the bed, clothes flying around the room.

This is the story of how you brought ten tops and no shoes to Mallorca.

Leaving the house

If I leave in ten minutes, I’ll be on time.

Well, like, if I really rushed I’d make it in five.

Oh, I’m meant to be there right now… I’m late! Better send a text and say I’ve already left the house.

Are you a master of procrastination?

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